Create A Culture Of Inclusive Engagement

Adapting to a workplace that’s diverse and constantly changing is challenging

exmarkBeing the one to lead tough conversations can feel vulnerable
exmark You know things need to get better, but you don’t know what to do
exmarkEmployees feel undervalued and like their voice doesn’t matter
exmark Your team needs diversity training that teaches real, practical skills
exmark Your workplace is diverse, but not psychologically safe for everyone

Everyone Deserves the Opportunity to Thrive at Work

Sadly, historically marginalized groups have not had this experience.

We’re your ally on the path to change that.


Most global organizations have felt internal and external pressure to re-examine or ramp up their efforts to create a more inclusive and diverse culture. The problem? They don’t know how to make it happen… or how to sustain it.

Our mission is to empower everyone to do more than just be a “nice colleague” — and to truly make the workplace an environment where everyone feels welcome, safe, and able to thrive.

We’ve designed a process that helps leaders and teams transform vague DEI initiatives into meaningful, actionable plans for unsiloed communication and collaboration — so you can create an engaged culture where all individuals (and innovations) can thrive.


Unsiloed was immediately an indispensable partner – responsive, respectful of our time, our sector, and time differences. We quickly felt that we were being partnered in both learning and strategy in a practical way. Trust was built, our colleagues knew that by partnering with such a professional organization, that we were serious about the DEI journey. They felt heard in safe spaces, confident in unsiloed consultants’ knowledge and approach.

We were so happy with the work we achieved with Unsiloed that we appointed them to act as our North America strategic advisors for our Global Inclusion Council.

– Julia Ingall,

Chief People and Culture Officer. Ennismore

We’re privileged to work with many teams, leaders, and organizations that are making an impact on a global level.

After participating in Unsiloed-led dialogues and workshops, teams and leaders feel confident and courageous

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87% feel braver, more courageous, and empowered to engage in the journey toward inclusivity

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92% used or shared what they learned from our Learning Labs with colleagues and outside the workplace

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100% feel more confident to be an Ally and address exclusion issues like bias and microaggressions

We help brave leaders and teams reimagine work and reshape culture — without making it an Old Guard vs. New Guard thing

We meet you where you are — helping you clarify your best next steps on the path to greater psychological safety, allyship, and a culture where employees don’t feel forced to choose between being themselves and being valued as part of the team.



You've realized that it’s past time for you to make DEI a priority — now you just need the time and tools to get started.



You've made statements, commitments, and even formed a DEI committee — now you're ready to roll out a strategic plan and experience real, lasting results.



You've seen some success with your DEI efforts — now you want to leverage and amplify it so you can build a culture that attracts top talent worldwide.

Don't risk driving away great team members or being known as “not the best place to work" with a poor net promoter score.


“Working with Unsiloed and, specifically, Love has led to a powerful partnership which provided leaders in our community the tools and knowledge to move forward with equity and inclusion work at their organizations. She has led five of our public roundtable discussions for leaders to sharpen their strategic approaches to DEI and culture, all of which had successful outcomes.

True to her name, Love is a patient and kind facilitator who holds many perspectives and uses them to empathize with her listeners. She brings unique language and mental models to her work, allowing others to open up about their experiences.

There’s a reason The Predictive Index keeps hiring Unsiloed — it’s an organization filled with change-makers who are proving, time and time again, that they’re equipped to make lasting, meaningful change within the companies they consult.”

Jenny Moeibus,
VP Brand and Marketing – The Predictive Index

Go beyond “headcount diversity” and experience the power of psychologically safe teams.

We believe Inclusive Cultural Transformation needs to be multifaceted and interconnected. Here’s how our multidisciplinary team designs unsiloed solutions for sustainable change:


Interactive Learning


Design Thinking Consulting Approach



organizational scan

Structure and Culture
Audit & Strategy

inclusive talent

Inclusive Coaching


Restorative Practices
& Mediation

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Produced in partnership with The Predictive Index’s DEI Initiative. 2020

Inclusion is not incidental, 
it requires actions that are
intentional and consistent.

—Love Odih Kumuyi, 
Founder & CEO

Solutions are not created in silos.
Cultivate a culture of unsiloed communication and collaboration,
without fear of cancel culture


Schedule A Call To See If It's a Good Fit

On our call, we’ll dig deep into your goals, the obstacles you’ve faced, and what you’ve already tried so we can determine if and how we can help you.


Turn DEI Initiatives Into An Action Plan

Once we decide to move forward, we’ll make sure you and your team have all the time and tools you need to navigate difficult conversations with skill and confidence


Inspire Engagement and Innovation

The goal of our work together is to empower you to transform your company’s culture and day-to-day environment into one that’s consciously inclusive for everyone

You want your team to know you care about more than just managing risk and liability exposure.

You want to inspire engagement and innovation for years to come.

You don't have to go it alone. We've supported teams and leaders all over the world. Let us help you!


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