Ignite A Movement Of Inclusivity and Equity

Lead your team towards greater psychological safety and allyship for everyone.

You know that inclusion is more than just good intentions… but now what?

Most leaders know innovation thrives in a culture where people aren’t afraid to contribute ideas or have challenging conversations. The problem is:


Many employees are still afraid to be themselves


One-off workshops don't get to the root of the problems


It's hard to recover when an incident goes sideways

You can't address something unless you know about it.
Innovation needs unsiloed communication and collaboration.

Implicit Bias Training

You’re ready for change, but you’re not clear what that looks like.

Maybe you’ve recently completed employee engagement surveys or taken the Harvard Implicit Bias Test and are wondering “What’s next?” 

How can you encourage people to talk about things, even if they feel uncomfortable?

You don’t just want high-level, “headcount” diversity. You want inclusion and belonging, to teach people to be better allies, to lean in, and to listen and have courage conversations.

Otherwise, everyone’s stuck in an ecosystem where they’re afraid to speak up and share ideas.

The result?

Walls go up.

Fear breeds silence.

Talented people leave or feel silenced in their own silo.

And nobody realizes their full potential.

You've got the will, now you're looking for the way.

Being inclusive takes work and teams need allies throughout the organization to bring about long-term, systemic change.

You know that enabling and welcoming diversity of thought, experience, and perspectives will accelerate innovation — but it goes deeper than just cultivating a competitive advantage.

On some level, you realize that the ultimate measure of future success is how safe and supported employees feel. You want to lead the movement towards improved psychological safety and create an environment where people aren’t afraid to speak out on issues affecting their work and well-being.

That’s where we come in.

We help brave leaders and teams create equitable processes and programs that drive Inclusion and belonging, so that your culture is powered by psychological safety.

Instead of hovering from 30,000ft or micromanaging execution, we partner to design and co-create solutions then coach you through implementation so you can ignite an employee-led movement that can evolve and is sustainable long term.

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Together, we'll amplify the bright spots and
address barriers to inclusion, innovation, and psychological safety.

Lorrie Pubmatic HR VP

“I feel very comfortable as a senior member of this organization handing the reins over to Love because I trust her with our employee experience, with our culture, and with our company.

As a global organization, we knew we had bright spots in some of our offices, but were struggling to unroll DEI initiatives everywhere. We interviewed a number of other companies, but the team at Unsiloed stood out. They took the time to truly understand our organization and culture, identify critical barriers to our success, and designed a plan that best suited our needs.”

Lorrie Dougherty
Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources, PubMatic

Design and Deploy Sustainable Cultural Transformation

We meet you where you are and design a plan to get you where you need to be.

That means we actually sit down with you and take the time to understand your “stuff”.

Together, we’ll design and deploy a plan to take on this work and sustain it in a way that’s not just an add-on, but a critical part of sustainable change.



Our goal is to understand your current challenges and potential gaps. From there, we can help you build trust among your team, lead with empathy, and show that there’s courage in vulnerability.



We work alongside you to determine the best steps for your unique culture. You’ll develop the tools and skills to navigate difficult conversations with confidence and empower everyone on your team to speak up and support one another.



We believe Inclusive Cultural Transformation needs to be multifaceted and interconnected. So, our multi-disciplinary team designs learning experiences and consulting solutions that are data-driven and grounded in best practices

Meet Your Allies for Unsiloed Solutions

We believe leadership, team culture and change solutions need to be inclusive, multi-faceted and interconnected.
So, our multi-disciplinary and diverse team of Coaches, Consultants and Facilitators design & deliver 

best practice solutions that inspire fresh ideas and growth.


Love Odih Kumuyi

Founder, Culture Engineering Officer

As an attorney and Equity, Inclusion and Justice scholar-practioner, I founded Unsiloed with a singular mission: To help organizations make psychological safety and human-rights part of everyday culture, for everyone. Formely the Associate Dean at Cornell University, I’ve worked in dynamic capacities with corporate organizations including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), U.S. Peace Corps, law frms, and universities globally. With 15 years of interdisciplinary experience utilizing law, policy, education, and research to help organizations engineer inclusion, I know with 100% certainty: When we create workplaces where it’s not too expensive for employees to be themselves, innovation abounds and everyone wins. Your Chief Inclusion Offcer,

Love Odih Kumuyi


Kamala McWhinney

Sr. Consultant & Head of Psychological Safety


Liz Braun Ph.D.

Senior Consultant & Executive Coach


Devan Carrington

Consultant, Inclusive Learning


Angélica Carrington

Consultant, Inclusive Learning


Tychelle Graham-Moskowitz

Consultant, Inclusive Learning


Diana Ideus

Talent Optimizer & Exec Coach

Abi Adamson

Abi Adamson

Consultant, Inclusive Learning

M Tucker

Micheal Tucker

Consultant, Facilitator & Coach


Hermence Matsotsa

Consultant, Culture & Education


Ada Mbogu

Associate, Culture Transformation


Joi Rae

Consultant, Inclusive Learning


Antonia Mason

Client Success Manager


Marki Blesdoe-Grant

Associate, Culture Transformation

Ready for more than just one-off,
checkbox efforts that fall flat?