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DEI Training and Facilitated Dialogues

Conversations about equity, inclusion and psychological safety do not have to be chaotic and awkward.
Lead and Learn with Courage and Confidence

Conversations Beyond Silos

Dialogues that inspire and inform change, build connections and give participants a starting point for being the change!

Interactive Learning Journeys

Learn With Masterminds: Interactive workshops on DEL bias, allyship, anti-racism, cross-cultural communication and more!


Executive Summit

Focused support to senior leaders on how to make good on their promises. Workshop on key concepts, best practices, and how to engage for lasting impact.


JEDI Champions

Learn the art and heart of Allyship. Be a competent and confident ally, learn how to facilitate difficult conversations and take meaningful action.



Race can be such a touchy subject in the workplace but I think it's something we should all be discussing and I appreciated having a space to openly do so.I am new to the company, so to hear my manager and others throughout the org speak on equity and equality this early in my tenure was powerful. Hearing the thoughts and emotions of my contemporaries after the initial George Floyd protests brought back all these feelings that I don't want to forget.

Session Participant


The examples in the workshops are the strongest way to communicate these thoughts. The TED video was really good. We need to be able to apply these to our daily work interactions and you have given us a lot to think about in relation to bias in a technology and innovation driven environment.

Mukul Kumar

Co-founder and President Engineering at PubMatic